Tuesday, May 16, 2023

[Solved] Pressing enter produces ^M instead of a newline in the MAC/Linux


So while working on the Terraform and running terraform apply came across a issue where terraform was asking for the confirmation of yes and after entering yes , the terminal did took it as an Enter rather was printing  ^M every time pressed enter. Due to which the terraform apply wont work.


The most likely issue causing this is the stty terminal line setting. To resolve this issue lookout for the solution below.

[Solved] 0/111 nodes are available: 111 node(s) had untolerated taint {eks.amazonaws.com/compute-type: fargate}

While deploying the application deployment for the gitlab runner recently faced the following error in the EKS Fargate on Amazon AWS


0/111 nodes are available: 111 node(s) had untolerated taint {eks.amazonaws.com/compute-type: fargate}



So Even though i have sufficient capacity in the EKS still the pod was not getting elected for the deployment in the EKS Fargate cluster. This is because of the missing Fargate profile which enables you to select and differentiate which pods you want to run in fargate and which dont. So you can differentiate between the deployments if you having onpremise or your own eks cluster running on ec2 nodes.

In my case i deployed on separate Namespace and each namespace needs to have associated Fargate profile along with the IAM roles for the permissions on the AWS Resources like the ECR for image download. In my case i just created a new NS and done the deployment in the EKS due to which the pods were not allocated to any nodes.