Friday, March 6, 2015

Storage on the Amazon AWS

Storage on the Amazon AWS:

1. S3 (Simple Storage service)
S3 is an object type storage and can be considered as an FTP server where you can simply keep your text files, image files, video files etc. It provides maximum uptime and is a cheap type of storage service. You can also make objects public/private and can share over the network. You can also host static websites directly from the S3. By default your snapshots are directly stored into the S3. It is a permanent storage solution and also supports versioning which needs to be enabled. you can store infinite data into the S3 only limitation is that you can't upload a single file bigger than 5TB in size.

2. Instance Store Volumes:-
virtual devices whose underlying hardware is physically attached to the host computer for the instance. Think this more of an usb attached storage. The major thing to understand over is as soon as you terminate your instance your data is lost. It's not permanent storage and will be available as long as the instance is available but when you completely terminate the instance without taking the backup than it will get lost.

3. EBS (Elastic Block Store)
EBS storage volumes are connected to network storage devices. which means whatever you store is transmitted over network and stored. It is permanent storage option and data is available even when the instace has been terminated since  the data is stored over the remote storage devices. root volume of the EBS storage device is /dev/sda1. Also you would consider implementing raid 0 to increase the efficiency and redundancy of the EBS storage volumes. 


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