Thursday, March 5, 2015

Configuring Route based Routing in AWS Route 53

If you want to increase the response time for your web applications , it is necessary to serve the content to the nearest location. Lets consider a situation where your datacenter are located in the singapore, with singapore being the primary region. If a user based in US will try and access contents of your application which is based in singapore region than he will have some delay due to the location difference. So if you want to further optimize the response time and wants that your content if accessed from the US region should be delivered from your US datacenter this can achieved through the Route based routing supported by the AWS route 53.

The similar concept is being used by the various CDNs available with a difference that your content is in cached form and served from the nearest edge location to the user.

For Configuring your DNS based on the route based routing in route 53, use the follow steps.

1. Make sure you have severs serving the content from the two regions. We would consider the example we used in our earlier post on "Automatic DNS failover" . We are having 2 servers one in the singapore region and othe in the US region.

2. Go to route 53 and the hosted zone for your domain and click "Create Record Set".
3. Enter the domain name e.g. www.unixcloudfusion.in
Routing Policy: Latency
Region: Singapore
Set id: region singapore appname

4.Click the "Create Record Set" again
Enter the domain name e.g. www.unixcloudfusion.in
Routing Policy: Latency
Region: us-west-1
Set id: region us west appname

5. Next try and hitting the URL it will display the cotents from the region which is close to you. For testing try to access the urls from the singapore and us proxies and see the content which should be delivered from the respective regions.


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