Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blocking an IP from Apache

There are scenarios when you need to block some specific ip which might be causing issues in your webservers . If you are sure the ip which is requesting the resources is not genuine and seems suspicious than it can be directly blocked on the Apache end itself. This can be done for the specific domains in case you having shared hosting

The best way to do this is via a .htaccess file from the Docroot of the domain which can be confirmed from the configuration file

Follow the steps to achieve this.

 cd /var/www/document-root-of-domain  
  vi .htaccess

 order allow,deny  
 deny from IP Address  
 allow from all

Save and quit . That's it the ip is blocked now. If you are having multiple webservers behind the load balancer than you should consider updating the same on all the webservers in order to fully block the ip from accessing anything on your webservers.

After you have updated the rule it should show the 403 forbidden response to the resource request in the log file which confirms that it have successfully been blocked. You would continue seeing the request in log file but it would not affect anything as it is simply denoting the request are coming repeatedly but its is forbidden to access any resource on your webserver.


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