Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mysql admin tasks in aws

MySQL Administration tasks
  • To start/stop/restart mysql
    • As root/sudo, invoke /etc/init.d/mysqld (start/stop/restart) (i.e. /etc/init.d/mysqld start)
  • To make mysql accessible to outside world
    • Make sure you have a static ip address (like on ec2 instances, use elastic-ip)
    • Edit (as root/sudo) /etc/mysq.cnf and make sure bind-address is (i.e. bind-address=
    • Then restart mysql
  • To give a specific user outside world privilege access
    • For user xyz to xmlloader database do the following
      • GRANT ALL ON xmlloader.* to 'xyz'@'' IDENTIFIED BY '[xyzpassword]'
        • The [xyzpassword] is something you need to set/specified (i.e. it's new)
  • To export full database as sql inserts
    • As root/sudo, invoke mysqldump -u [user] -p[userpassword] [database] > [output file name]
      • i.e. sudo mysqldump -u dbuser -pdbuser feedloader > fl_loader.sql
  • To import full database (i.e. new database) from export script
    • As root/sudo, invoke mysql -u [user] -p[userpassword] [database] < [input file name]
      • mysql -u dbuser -pdbuser feedloader < fl_loader.sql
  • To create/grant user/new users to the database


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