Sunday, December 21, 2014

Setting private key in putty for password less access

You can generate a private key using the putty key generator and use the key to simply click and connect to your Linux server with your user account with a simple click of a mouse without having to inputting all the credentials everytime you have to access the server.

Follow these simple steps to set the private key in putty

1. Enter your user followed by ip in the hostname and saved session on the home screen of the putty

2. Next in the left column click on the "+" sign of the SSH under the Connection to expand the available options and click on the Auth

3. Browse to your path of the private key using the browse button.

4. Next click on the Session on the Left column top of the putty and click save button. After that click on the saved session 

5. Now you be able to login into your server without providing any credentials. Now everytime you open your putty you just need to click on this saved session to access your server. You can set the multiple saved session depending on your requirement.

You can also set the Proxy and other parameters if you need to set the proxy also to access your servers. This is really handy and saves you to remember a whole lot of passwords or open excel and enter the credentials everytime.


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