Sunday, July 10, 2016

Installing Botosdk on RHEL

In my previous post i covered the installation of the python pip which can be used for the Botosdk and awscli installation.

Follow these steps to install the botosdk and awscli on RHEL in Amazon AWS

 pip install boto3  
 pip install awscli

This completes the boto3  sdk and awscli installation.

Before you can use the command line you need to connect to the aws and authenticate. use the following command for this

 aws configure  

This would in-turn ask your Access key and Secret Access key which you can generate from the AWS IAM. Also you need to enter the region endpoint to ensure you are connecting to correct region in case you are using the multiple regions in AWS and also its a good practice to be followed.

Once done you should be able to connect to your AWS environment. 


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