Sunday, August 26, 2018

SSL certificate uploaded in AWS ACM but not available while create ELB/ALB

In case you have created an ACM SSL certificate however it is not available in the drop down list to associate with your load balancer.

The reason that you are unable to attach it to your ELB is because the certificate has a key length size of RSA-4096.

Although it is possible to import a SSL certificate of 4096 bits into ACM, currently the ELB supported Certificate types are RSA_1024 and RSA_2048. If you are using any other type of Certificate, it will unfortunately not be eligible for attachment to your ELB, which means that you won't be able to select it during the ELB creation process.

ACM supports 4096-bit RSA (RSA_4096)  certificates but integrated services (such as ELBs) allow only algorithms and key sizes they support to be associated with their resources.

Note that ACM certificates (including certificates imported into ACM), are regional resources. Therefore, you must import your certificate into the same region that your ELB is in in order to associate it with the ELB. 


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