Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Managing Mysql Automated Failover on Ec2 instances with Orchestrator

Orchestrator is a free and opensource mysql high availability and replication management tool whose major functionalities includes MySQL/MariaDB MasterDB failover in seconds (10-20 secs) considering our requirements and managing replication topology (Changing Replication Architecture by drag-drop or via Orchestrator CLI) with ease.

Orchestrator has the following features:-

1. Discovery:- It actively crawls through the topologies and maps them and can read the basic replication status and configuration and provides slick visualisation of topologies including replication problems.

2. Refactoring:- Understands replication rules, knows about binlog file:position, GTID, Pseudo GTID, Binlog Servers.Refactoring replication topologies can be a matter of drag & drop a replica under another master.

3. Recovery:- It can detect master and intermediate master failures. It can be configured to perform automated recovery or allow user to choose manual recovery. Master failover supported with pre/post failure hooks.

Recovery process utilizes orchestrator's understanding of the topology and of its ability to perform refactoring. It is based on state as opposed to configuration: orchestrator picks the best recovery method by investigating/evaluating the topology at the time of recovery itself.

Additional benefits:-

  • Highly available
  • Controlled master takeovers
  • Manual failovers
  • Failover auditing
  • Audited operations
  • Pseudo-GTID
  • Datacenter/physical location awareness
  • MySQL-Pool association


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