Saturday, August 13, 2016

When to use the Microservices Architecture

The Architecture must have the capacity to scale. The project would start small but expectation is that they will grow fast. The Architecture must be flexible enough to add and remove features with minimal impact. Microservices are ideal for that because new services and old services can easily be added or removed if unsuccessful. Also when the demand rises enabling more capacity for each service should be an easy job. Since the messages are in the queue and services are picking up and processing messages one by one scaling the capacity up can be done by scaling another instance of the same microservice. Also the changes are rapid based on the requirement so deployment should be easy and reliable without affecting the overall system since each service is autonomous its easy to deploy it.

Much easier than deploying one big monolithic application. Also since there are many developers involved in the building of the whole system making all of them work on the same monolithic code would turn out to be a mess. With Microservices teams can be formed to work on microservices completely separate from other teams. But the biggest challenge is that the whole process must be reliable. Like if the orders and packages goes on missing its not an option. Since the message sits in the queue until the service processes it the reliability increases. Obviously we have keep focusing that the broker service keep functioning using clustering for example or else it becomes the single point of failure. 


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