Saturday, August 13, 2016

Introduction to Messaging Queues

A message broker is a intermediately between the services. It is capable of sending messages to and receiving messages from the services. It is the application running on some server and sending and receiving of the message is done with some API.

When a services sends a message to some other service it doesn't directly call the recipient service. It sends the message to the message broker and the message broker has internal mechanism to route the message to the receiver service. It doesn't send the message directly to the receiver service. But it holds it until the receiver picks the message up .

For example, if you consider the people as the services and the messages as the letter you send to other people. While sending the letter you do it through the mail service which act as the message broker which in turn routes the message to the receiver but the mail service doesn't handover the message to  the person personally but it is being stored in the persons mailbox until he is ready to take the message out. Such a mailbox is call the queue. It operates using the first in first out principle. 


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