Saturday, August 13, 2016

Messaging Patterns

The Messaging Patterns:-

1. Point-to-Point:- It sends the message directly one service to another specific service. The purpose of the message is to tell the service to do some task thats why it is known as command. For example a message register order which gives the command to register the order to service. For the service sending the message this is fire and forget the action. When the message is sent the processing is done by one or more services asynchronously. The sending service is not waiting for the result.

2. RPC(Remote procedure Call):- But sometimes the sending services requires the response back. The point to point messaging can be used RPC (Remote procedure call) style. The messaging service  sends the message to the receiving service but now it expects a response back. That response is also in the form of the message.

3. Event Broadcasting:- The message is sent to multiple services at once , you could say the receiving services has subscribed to the message. This pattern is therefore also known as public subscribe. Many message brokers also supports RPC style event broadcasting.


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