Monday, April 6, 2015

Creating an Ec2 instance for mediawiki installation

After creating the db instance for the mediawiki installation next we need to install and configure an EC2 instance for creating the webservers for our installation.

For our installation we are going to create an Ec2 instance and install the apache webservers along with php and mysql.so in order to connect to mysql rds we created initially. After that you don't need to create another instance and again repeat all the steps again. We are going to create an AMI of that instance and launch the instances from autoscaling group thus reducing our work overhead.

Follow the steps for building a ec2 instance for mediawiki installation.

1. Click Ec2 From the dashboard and under Ec2 dashboard select "launch Instance".
Launching Ec2 instance for mediawiki

2. We are going to install the RHEL7 for our installation. Select the appropriate ami
selecting rhel ami for mediawiki installation

3. Since we not going to use this in production and just evaluating we going to stick with t2.micro , select this based on your environment needs and click next.
selecting ec2 instance size for mediawiki installation

4. Select the wiki vpc we created initially and select the public subnet , auto-assign public IP as enable and click "Add storage"
configuring ec2 instance details for mediawiki installation

5. Select a 10GB general purpose (SSD) and click Tag instance.
selecting storage for mediawiki installation

6. Enter the name of the instance as "Wiki" and click "configure security group".
tagging ec2 instance for mediawiki

7. Select "Create new security group" , enter the security group name "wiki-app" and description as "wiki-app" and open the ports for the ssh (22), HTTP(80), HTTPS(443) and click "Review and Launch".
configuring security group for mediawiki installation

8. Review the instance details and click "Launch"
Reviewing mediawiki ec2 instance details

9. Select the key pair and an existing key in our case its "unixcloudfusion" and select "acknowledgement" and click "Launch Instances".
generating keypair for mediawiki installation

10. Check the public ip from the "instances" in our case its
ip details for mediawiki installation

11. keep the proper key in your directory and enter the ec2-user as the user and connect to instance with the public  ip to connect to your instance.
Logging into mediawiki ec2 instance


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