Saturday, April 4, 2015

Assigning Multiple Network Interfaces to an EC2 instance

In our example we have created the instance with a public ip taken from the Amazon pool of ips at the time of the creation of the instance. We are going to attach a 2nd NIC card to our instance and an elastic ip address to the running instance. Final confirmation would be when we are able to connect to the same instance from the multiple public ip address.

1.Select EC2 in your dashboard and click on the Network interfaces.

2.Select “Create Network Interface” from the top.

3.Enter the Description, Subnet, IP and the Security groups for your NIC and click yes create.

4.Click on the Elastic IPs and select the “Allocate New Address”. This would create a new elastic ip address.

5.Now again go to “network Interfaces” right click on the network interface you just created and select “Associate Address”.

6.Enter the Elastic ip address and select reassociation and click on the “Associate Address”.

7.Your network interface is now ready to be associated with an ec2 instance. Select  and right click on the network instance and select “Attach”.

8.Select the “instance id “ with which you want to attach this network card and click “attach”.

9.Now if you will check the details of your network card it should be showing 2 network instances attached to the same instance ID which confirms that 2 network card are attached to an instance.

10.If you will select the ec2-instance from the instances you would see 2 public ip address one public which is temporary and would change if instance is stopped and start. Other one is Elastic ip address which would remain associated unless you specifically remove the Network interface also.

11.Try connecting to the 2 ip address , it should take you to the same ec2 instance.


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