Sunday, April 16, 2023

[Solved] Argocd invalid username and password


After installing the Argocd in kubernetes facing issue during the login to Argocd UI in browser with error  invalid username or password


Invalid username or password



MosCt of the places you will find that the initial password for the Argocd is the container name with argocd-server or argocd-server.namespace but by entering both of them you would still go through the same issue and it wont login. Argocd set up a one time password and you wont be able to decode the password which is in secrets manager as that password even dont work.

Check the solution below

Solution :-

Argocd sets up a one time password which you will have to get from the Argocd pod itself as

vagrant@vagrant-VirtualBox:~/Desktop$ kubectl exec -n argocd argocd-server-64957744c9-zv72p -- argocd admin initial-password

Remember this is the initial password which has been setup and you should go ahead and change this password as

argocd admin  --password string
This would update the password for the Argocd admin user.


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