Wednesday, January 17, 2024

[Solved] OutofSync issue Argocd after upgrading the KEDA to version 2.12.1


Recently we updated the Keda version in the kubernetes and since we using Gitops the Argocd start showing outofsync even though keda itself got updated without issue but this warning will keep coming in the Argocd now


The issue is caused because the default value is false itself but during the swap from true to false, kubectl didn't remove the field, causing an error during the upgrade because KEDA couldn't patch the apiservice. This field will be removed in the future version as its totally not necessary and keda team explitcitly set false.

Solution :-

For now there is only a workaround possible, if you want to overcome this issue you can ignoredifference explicitly in the Argocd Config itself as

1. Change the Argocd Application config as

  - group: apiregistration.k8s.io
    kind: APIService
      - /spec/insecureSkipTLSVerify
You can add this simply under the spec field in your argocd config.

Also this outofsync won't break any configuration for now and this would be resolved in the future releases for the Keda. So applying this workaround to get over this outofsync issue or not is totally up to you.


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