Saturday, October 16, 2021

[Solved]Jenkins won't listen on the port 8080 in the browser


The issue occurs when trying to install the jenkins on the Centos8 EC2 Instance in the AWS.

 # yum install jenkins -y


After successful installation and starting of the jenkins service and verifying from the 
netstat command still the jenkins installer will not open in the Browser. 


Install centos8 the firewalld is blocking the connection to the jenkins. So you have to specifically allow the ports in the centos8 separately to expose them else if you using the network firewalls like security group in the AWS Cloud you can simply disable the firewalld which will resolve your issue.


So in order to overcome this challenge simply disable the firewalld since the security groups are already doing this work for us

 # firewall --cmd --state 
 # systemctl stop firewalld 
 # systemctl status firewalld    
 # systemctl disable 
Restart the jenkins if required and that should solve your issue.


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