Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Terraform Certification Details

1. The Duration for the Terraform Exam is 1 Hour

2. You will have 50 to 60 questions and you will be tested on Terraform version 0.12 and higher so if you have worked on the version older than 0.12 than there has been considerable changes in the syntax and the logic as well.

3. The exam is online proctored and the whole certification is quite handsoff. 

4. You will have to register on the hashicorp website from where you will be redirected to the exam portal. And you will have to make sure your system meets the requirement for the online exam. 

5. The certification will have 2 years expiration from the day which you passed the exam.

6. Below are the objectives on which you would be tested in the exam

 6.1 Understand Infrastructure as Code Concepts  
 6.1a Explain what IaC is  
 6.1b Describe Advantages of IaC  

 6.2 Understand the IAC concept from the perspective of Terraform and how its different from other IAC tools.  
 6.2a Know what terraform state is  
 6.2b Know terraform's multi-cloud benefits  

 6.3 Understand Terraform Basics  
 6.3a Install Terraform  
 6.3b Use Terraform providers  
 6.3c Use Terraform provisioners  

 6.4 Use terraform Cli outside of the core workflow  
 6.4a How to debug Terraform  
 6.4b Terraform fmt, state, taint, import and workspaces  

 6.5 Interact with Terraform Modules  
 6.5a Differentiate module sources, reusablity of the code  
 6.5b Module inputs and outputs and module versioning  
 6.5c Variable scope within root/hild modules, public registry  

 6.6 Navigate Terraform workflow  
 6.6a Local & Remote State Storage, State locking  
 6.6b Terraform backend block and Terraform refresh effects  
 6.6c Backend Auth and secret management in state files  

 6.7 Implement and Maintain State  
 6.7a Describe Terraform workflow  
 6.7b Initialize Terraform Working dir (terraform init)  
 6.7c Terraform validate, plan, apply, destroy  

 6.8 Read, generate and modify configuration  
 6.8a Terraform Variables and outputs  
 6.8b Create and contrast resource and data blocks  
 6.8c Resource Addressing, Built-in functions & Dynamic blocks 
 6.9 Understand Terraform Cloud and Enterprise Capabilities  
 6.9a Describe benefits of Sentinel, registry and workspaces  
 6.9b Differentiate Terraform OSS and Enterprise workspaces  
 6.9c Summarize features of Terraform Cloud offering  
So what type of questions can you expect in the Terraform Exam ?

So you will get True/False question, where you will be given a statement and you will have determine whether the statement is true or false.

Next is the multiple choice question, statement or snippet of code and you will have to choose the single best answer out of all choices.

Multiple choice and multiple answer which will ask you to choice multiple answers.

Text match which is fill in the blank questions will also be there with multiple choice so you choose the right one. 

Hashicorp on there official website talk about other type of questions but they have not provided specifics of what type of questions that be however in the recent attempt of the certification , I do not see any other question type from what we mentioned above.


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