Thursday, October 10, 2019

Command Logging & Kibana Plotting

Problem Statement : Monitor & track all the activities/commands used by user on system

Minimum Requirement(s):   1) Required separate ELK cluster for command logging
                                               2) Required Snoopy Logger Agent on all client machines.
                                               3) Required File beat agent.

Context: In order to track what all commands are being fired by users , we''ll be needing bash_history of that specific user it becomes tedious task when we have to track specific user (or multiple user)in different machines

Solution:  Snoopy Logger is a tiny library that logs all executed commands (+ arguments) on your system.

Below is the link for more information on snoopy which includes installing snoopy logger as well.

  Through Snoopy logger we will be getting one single file for all command hit by any user ,you can specify message format  and filter chain for filtering  logs in snoopy based on message format we need to create grok in logstash , we can also exclude some repetitive internal command by drop filter in logstash format for excluding command is given below :

filter {
 if [command] == "command-name" {
   drop {
      percentage => 100


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