Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Custom Cloudwatch RDS Monitoring Plugins Part-2

In the part-1 we discussed about the executable RDS monitoring script which enabled you to pass any sql and than take output of the sql and fetch the result set to the cloudwatch and create the alarms which works as an custom metrics for the monitoring and will raise alarm whenever the threshold is crossed.

In our use case this result of the sql execution is 0 which denotes there is no error on the RDS. If there is any error than an error message will be displayed and the result will be non-zero which causes the cloudwatch to trigger an alarm.

Further the sql output is posted in the email body and sent to the DBA and devops DL.

In this post we are covering the configuration part to be used along with the previous executable script. Once you have configured like this you can schedule this script in the cron service on any server , use the awscli on it to create the alarms and trigger alerts on the rds.

 [oracle@ip-10-149-22-89 etc]$ vi alert.cfg  
 #### The username and password used by script to connect to the RDS  
 ### Namespace to be created for the RDS monitoring in the cloudwatch  
 f1=" %9s"  
 declare -A proc_matrix  
 #Name of the Database and RDS Endpoint used by the executable script  
 declare -A db_connection  
 db_connection[1,1]=appprod00; db_connection[1,2]=appprod00.cr4aqbsm2zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_connection[2,1]=appproda0; db_connection[2,2]=appproda0.cr4aqbsm2zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_connection[3,1]=appproda1; db_connection[3,2]=appproda1.cr4aqbsm2zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_connection[4,1]=appproda2; db_connection[4,2]=appproda2.cr4aqbsm2zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_connection[5,1]=appproda0; db_connection[5,2]=appproda0.cr4aqbsm2zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_connection[6,1]=appproda1; db_connection[6,2]=appproda1.cr4aqbsm2zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_connection[7,1]=appproda2; db_connection[7,2]=appproda2.cr4aqbsm2zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 # First Column contains metric-name and second Column contains service name to be monitored  
 # That is every row contains Metric name ans respective service name  
 # proc_matrix[1,1]=<metric-name>; proc_matrix[1,2]=<service_name>  
 # eg. proc_matrix[1,1]=SSHService; proc_matrix[1,2]=ssh  
 # First row is the metric-name displayed in cloudwatch and second row is sql file which executes on rds.  
 proc_matrix[1,1]=Error_Alertdblog; proc_matrix[1,2]=Error_Alertdblog.sql  
 proc_matrix[2,1]=blocked_session; proc_matrix[2,2]=blocked_session.sql  
 proc_matrix[3,1]=invalid_objects; proc_matrix[3,2]=invalid_objects.sql  
 ####SQL Plus Connection String used by script to connect to database  
 declare -A db_matrix  
 db_matrix[1,1]=apakpda0; db_matrix[1,2]=tejsecprod00.cr8aqbsm1zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_matrix[2,1]=apakpda1; db_matrix[2,2]=tejamkproda0.cr8aqbsm1zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_matrix[3,1]=apakpda2; db_matrix[3,2]=tejamkproda1.cr8aqbsm1zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_matrix[4,1]=apakpda3; db_matrix[4,2]=tejamkproda2.cr8aqbsm1zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_matrix[5,1]=apakpda4; db_matrix[5,2]=tejfilproda0.cr8aqbsm1zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_matrix[6,1]=apakpda5; db_matrix[6,2]=tejfilproda1.cr8aqbsm1zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 db_matrix[7,1]=apakpda6; db_matrix[7,2]=tejfilproda2.cr8aqbsm1zuc.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com  
 ####Subject in the mail of the alert  
 declare -A alert_matrix  
 alert_matrix[1,1]="Alert log having ORA- errors in last 5 minutes";   
 alert_matrix[2,1]="Blocked session found over threshold time limit";   
 alert_matrix[3,1]="Invalid objects found";   


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