Thursday, December 8, 2016

Uploading the Certificate to the Cloudfront using AWS Cli

If you are using the Cloudfront CDN to deliver your images and videos than cloudfront provides there own endpoint.

Now its possible to point your domain with CNAME to this endpoint so that all request on your domain is served from the Cloudfront and you can reduce the geographical latency and reduce the load on your servers for delivering the static content and increase the user experience on your application.

There is a requirement of delivering the content securely to the end user using the SSL Certificate. Cloudfront you can use the SSL certificate but it doesn't allow you to upload the certificate on the Console itself. You need to do that through the AWS CLI and via IAM.

Once you upload the certificate you can select the certificate in the cloudfront and it will be applied to the Cloudfront Distribution.

To upload the Certificate on the Cloudfront enter the below command to the server having the AWS CLI installed.

 aws iam upload-server-certificate  --server-certificate-name wildcard.yourdomain.com  --certificate-body file://yourdomain.crt  --private-key file://yourdomain.key  --certificate-chain file://gd_bundle-g2-g1.crt  --path /cloudfront/  

This will upload the certificate to the Cloudfront in the AWS.


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