Thursday, January 14, 2016

Using filezilla to connect Ec2 with a jump server using the ssh tunnel

If you are using an Jump Server(bastion) to connect to other server like webservers than you need to create a tunnel first in order to connect the filezilla for the SFTP file transfer. Winscp has a built in tunnel  which you can use to connect to the Ec2 instance without any need for tunneling through ssh.

1. You would first need to connect to the server using the ssh as follows

ssh -i username.pem -D 8001 username@

2. Next open the Filezilla and click on the Settings in the Filezilla

Settings  > Generic Proxy > Socks 5 > 
Proxy host:
Proxy Port:8001

Save the Settings now.

Thats it , now connect in the normal way as you use to connect via filezilla i.e. sftp://internal-server-ip username and password and port 22 and click connect. You should be connected now.

Remember you would always need to do ssh first and than connect via filezilla to the Ec2 instance.