Saturday, May 2, 2015

Common Source Tasks in Git

Creating the Empty repository for use. Repository are much like the Linux Repos which contain all the source or version control files and directories. So it is necessary to initialize a Empty Repository where you can important all the stuffs and files into.

Making a local full copy of a repository on your workstation. Where you can further work and create further branch or manipulate or add the functionality as per your requirement.

Checking out:
Locking a copy of one or more files for exclusive use. Though it is not mostly used , it was essentially used in the visualsource or perforce, it was done to make sure no one else can make changes which may either conflict or overwrite your changes. Checking out not commonly done today and there are other better way to achieve it.

Allowing a set of files to be developed concurrently and at different speeds for different reasons.It allows to attain different functionality.

Taking different Branches or set of changes and integrating into one set of branch.

Taking Conflicting changes from the multiple people on the same files and manually addressing those conflicts to achieve the Merging.

Taking the Changes from the local system and commiting them to the Branch. You are going to clone the branch and will work on it and after the changes are done you need to commit the changes to merge them to the Branch you were working on.

Taking changes locally or remotedly and merging them into one or more branches.


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