Thursday, October 17, 2019

Webinar & Training

Unixcloudfusion is going to organise a Webinar on learning the Devops Ecosystem , Pipelines and Value chain on 29th November 2019. It will be a 2:30 hour webinar with 1:30hour dedicated to the below listed Topics and 1 hour the question and answer round where the trainer is going to answer most of your questions, doubts and queries related to Devops.

The Webinar will focus on the following topics

1. Introduction to Understanding Devops Ecosystem, Infrastructure as Code and associated Tools
2. Introduction to the Continuous Build and Delivery pipelines
3. Introduction to the Containerisation, Docker and Kubernetes Orchestration Ecosystem
4. Job oppurtunities and Career Growth with Advanced Training & Certification
5. Prerequisites and Target Audience for the Advanced Devops Training


The Webinar is especially suitable for everyone who want to kickstart there career and growth in the field of devops which has revolutionalise the industry and the companies who are following these practices in there day to day activities.

With introduction of cloud, hosted applications, mobile applications, multi cloud availability, Big data technology, Machine learning, IOT the huge amount of data which is generated has only increased the scope of the Devops in order to take the full potential from these advanced technologies.

This is further growing as more and more companies are adopting the devops practices. Our trainer is handson on the topic of Devops and has a experience of more than 10 years in the field of Devops. He has undertaken migration of applications from onprime to cloud, between multi regions , handling and processing terrabytes and even petabytes of data and much more.

The webinar will help you to evaluate whether the Devops is the field you want to move forward as the large number of opportunities every single day is generated in the field of devops. If you are determined to learn the devops go ahead and take this webinar from us for free.

We are also providing the certificate of participation to the users who take this webinar and will be sending them once you have successfully taken the webinar over your email.

If you have any doubts feel free to email on [email protected] .


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